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It is time that we understand and be more human for an important reason, animals. This page is intended to disseminate and help all the animals around us that are in case of abandonment, adoption or other case.


Another of our goal is to deliver current and relevant information about the world of pets by creating a space for dissemination, education and generation of networks of friends, where people can, in addition to sharing their experiences, find information, contribute to raising awareness and animal assessment.

If you want to adopt a rescued animal, you must be aware that you are not taking a toy to your home, but one more member of your family. There are thousands of abandoned animals everywhere, which are for irresponsible people and unaware of the value of a pet's life. "Helping an animal may not change the world, but for that animal the world will change forever."

PMR's mission is to rescue homeless animals in need. Our hope, is that one day, we won't hace to.
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Success stories

In November 26 2018. He was found dying in the streets of Tijuana malnourished and dehydrated full of ticks and fleas. When he came is his diagnosis was not very good but this little boy wanted to live and have a great life. Which he is now thanks to his adopter Lory. Remeber we can all make a difference in saving a life and giving this beautiful animals a second chance in life. Save a life rescue a homeless pet


“Cricket “ this smart funny guy, has a very unique personality. Here is a little of he’s story.
He was rescued by a wonderful girl that care for them when she find him roaming about the streets all injured with a Brocken paw and a injured eye that had to be removed right away. Being on so much pain this little one never lost he’s clumsy happy temperament. Any way we addressed all this medical problems he had , got him couple leg surgeries. Some recuperation time, therapy , playmates and lots lots of love look at him now . From nada to Prada.


Her name is Zoe a now 5 yr old female pitbull mix. She came into the rescue when she was about 7 weeks old whe had an extreme case of mange and was malnourished. After a few weeks of treatment medicated baths and needed vaccines.


Hi everyone my name is Tj. I was abused and had my two front legs broken in different places. I was rescued and taken to a vet and after a few surgeries and the help of all the members of PMR now recuperated. Love you all


Todaywe wer aple to witness sometihingmagical as everyone knows Delayla aka hope was brought to our recue a few month ago. When she came into our rescu flow the streets of Tijuana she was malnourished with pneumonia and ehrlichiosis after theating her for a few wonths she was ready to be put for adoption. we scanned her and she did have a Microchip but was not registered .We were not aple to find her family the. But this worning We received a text message asking if she was still available to what we responded tes she is . Then the story got a little turned it was Delaylas owners telling us the story about her being taken fkon them in July of 2013. We were so surprised we never though someone was looking for her all this time. He sent us pictures of her when they had her. We talked a little about how she was. We could not belive what we were listeling on the other sice of the photo a few tears of joy came out and then we arranged everything for this afternoon to get the family together for a reunion with hope their lost dog after 3 years.The rest can´t be explained enjoy the reunion... we now know was she wasnamed Hope